Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Positive Talk

Life is delicate,
In all what you do always try to regulate,
Always stay positive,
Even if to every situation you are sensitive,
Never be negative,
Instead try being imaginative and creative,.
Take time to meditate,
And to a certain extent try to tolerate.
Cos nobody is perfect.
For what people do to you be appreciative,
In unfavourable circumstances don’t be apprehensive.
In all what you do , put your whole might,
When things go wrong, don’t take to flight,
Believe in yourself that everything would be alright,
Cos at the end of every tunnel there is always light
So don’t take to fright,
You might end a pitiable sight,
Making people aware of your plight.
Always go to where you are celebrated,
And not where you are tolerated.
Try to stay appreciated,
So that you wouldn’t be neglected.
Don’t ever be a pest,
Especially when put to test,
Try to emerge the best
From amongst the rest.
And most importantly,
Trust and believe in God,
And not in dogs,
Or in logs,
Which will only your progress clog.
Cos God is the real deal,
That would constantly give you the real meal.

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