Tuesday, January 27, 2009

God’s Own

We human beings are God’s most wonderful creation,
Whom He loves with plenty of passion.
He desires our undivided attention,
So as to give us his divine direction,
That we may get the correct interpretation,
Of his ministrations.
But we have to give him our total devotion,
Which is our heart being filled with God’s own emotion,
That has no contamination,
From the world’s corruption.
He will surely give us his salvation,
After due considerations,
Of the sincerity of our actions.
Then this life’s frustrations
And the world’s lamentations
Will not lead us into temptation
Which is the pathway to eternal damnation.
His free gift of salvation
Was paid for by his crucifixion
Thereby granting us justification from fear of rejection and condemnation,
Victory over the enemies’ oppression and suppression,
And liberation from all forms of detention.
Thus he would unlimit our limitation,
Remove restrictions on our promotion,
Grant us progress in our education,
Success in our intentions
And elevation in our professions.
We will achieve our ambitions,
Attain our aspirations.
Our life would witness the sweet sensation of his glorious manifestation
Resulting in our heartfelt jubilation and victorious shout of celebrations.
Thus, in this life till eternity,
We will always get God’s own total satisfaction,
For we will be God’s own perfect creation.

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