Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diversity and Inclusion (a Spoken Word poem)

Being different is as old as evolution,
for we are all people of varied origin and situation.
But diversity is never a basis for partiality,
for there can be uniformity in diversity.
Thus difference need not lead into confusion
but should guarantee and encourage co-operation.
especially in this world class organization,
that has no discrimination.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

They say what a man can do a woman can do it better.
But I wonder,
if a man has already done it, what is left for the woman to do?
However, it is hard to imagine a workplace without women,
for if men like the computer hardware,
then the women will be the software,
and the fact is, the hardware can’t function without the software.
Cos like the saying goes,
it takes two to make it work, and I can’t, if you won’t.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

Being of different race,
working in the same place,
only sets d pace
to raise the stakes,
and top the game.
In our differences lie our capabilities,
and our varied talents increase our abilities.
Creating healthy competition,
and developing wealthy association.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

Whether we are black and proud
or white and exceptional,
there is no reason to be dysfunctional,
Co-operation brings synergy,
and boosts the organization’s energy.
Ensuring we all stay happy and motivated
and grow old, satisfied and fulfilled.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

2011 and beyond

Do you remember the time??? (a Spoken Word Poem)

Let me ask u,
do u remember the time?
when the Liberian girl changed our world,
and we wanted to scream,
I love u, Liberian girl.
But just so u know, as per the Liberian girl,
well, the girl is mine.

I can see it in your eyes,
that u wanna be starting something,
so don't stop till u get enough.
U can act all dangerous,
or be a dirty Diana.
But before u start asking, who's bad?
well, u should know, I'm bad.
And I wanna rock with you,
cos u rocked my world and u know u did,
and everything I won, I give,
and it doesn’t really matter if u are black or white.

I want tonite to be a thriller…… a thriller night,
whether there is blood on the dance floor,
or blood on the knife,
it ain’t too much for me to jam,
and just beat it,
and shout,
billie jean is not my lover,
she is just a girl who claims I am the one,
but the kid is not my son,
after all, its human nature.

I wish I can tell u to hold my hand and we sing the earth song together,
I wish I could tell u, u are not alone, I am here with you,
but all I wanna say is that, they don't really care about us.
So I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways,
So we can heal the world,
and make it a better place,
for u and for me and the entire human race.
So tonight,
even if its just for tonight,
we are going Hollywood tonite.

2011 and beyond…….!!!