Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where will you drop and why?

If you are going to the 10th floor and the lift will only stop on the 11th or 9th floor, where will you drop and why?

There is no one correct answer to this, it only determines one thing, Attitude!!!

The best football club match I have watched was the final of the champions league 2004/2005, AC Milan versus Liverpool.
It was not the best match cos Liverpool won, even though they did.
It was not the best match cos Liverpool equalized from 3 goals down, even though they did.
It was  the best match, cos I learnt a life lesson in that match, which is why I will always like and respect Steven Gerard.
In the space of 90 minutes he played in the midfield (4, I think).
Then he played support striker (8), and then defense/right back (2).
All in one match.
Which I sum up to be Attitude, the willingness to take responsibility, and do whatever it takes.

As a dream carrier, you must be a utility player.
Not because you want to, but because you have to.
You must be ready to fit into a square or round hole at any time.
You must be ready to get your hands dirty and not expect to sit down and dish out orders.
You must lead by example so that those watching you have no excuse not to do likewise.
When the job or work is the hardest, you must be first in line.
If you only want to do the easy part, well, that makes you the same with everyone.
And when you are the same with everyone, you are no better than them.
Besides, if you are able to plug into square or round holes at any time, then emergency won’t scare you.
Truth is, you don’t have to be the best in any or all the roles you fill in for,  cos its probably a temporary situation,
but you must be willing to do it if and when the need arises.
If you won’t, who will?
Attitude is key.

So, would you rather walk down the stairs from 11th floor to 10th floor,
Or walk up the stairs from 9th floor to 10th floor?
Would you rather do that which is easy first
Or that which is hard?

Success is an attitude, it is in those small insignificant things we do.
Success is an habit, it is the unconscious repetition of those small things we do daily.
Success is time, it is locked inside the seconds and the minutes, cos they make up the hours and the days.

The Good Book says, “he who is faithful with little will also be faithful with more. “
But he who is unfaithful with little, ………………………………when he wan learn to be faithful????

So, I ask, are you a learner???

Olumide Holloway

We need to become Venture Capitalists in Nigeria.

Hi guys,

Its been a while I posted anything on this blog. Well, I have been occupied with so many projects and time is a scarce commodity. Anyways, sometime last year I got talking with my oga (aka direct supervisor) about Nigeria. I will not bore u with the details, but it got me thinking and I shared my thoughts with some of my friends. 

However, there is only so much me and my 4 friends can do, so I decided to share it with you, you and you reading this right now, and  these are the things that comes to mind:

  1. Look around you, most people you will see in the offices today are people around your age, ranging between 20 to 40. That tells you that our age group is slowly moving into the mainstream of the economy. Next 1, 2 to 10 years, most of us should be major stake holders and decision makers in this Nation and in the World, God willing. 
  2. A recent Business Day Newspaper report stated that unemployed youths are estimated at 68 million. Unemployed youths connotes, graduates with certificates but no work. But, really, must people wait for employment before they achieve something?
  3. We have people with ideas, people can be create  websites better than or that will rival facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. We have people can create a special made in "Naija car," people that can make household equipment/ robots etc, and all they need is moral support and funding.
  4. We hear and see Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook often, but do you know he has backers/ supporters/ investors who own more shares than he does. These people are silently chopping the money in the background without being in the spot light.
  5. Otudeko and Co., got to where they are by pooling funds together and investing in stocks. They use the inherent power of “synergy.” Can’t we do the same?
Transportation is a key problem in Nigeria, I am sure we have people that have solutions better than buying a bigger car or a bigger truck.

Power is a key problem in Nigeria, I am sure we can get people that have ideas to solve such problems even if it’s on a small scale.

My oga friend’s son is in UK studying and he already has a wine making factory in Chile that ships in quality wine monthly.

I remember seeing some inventions on TV made by Nigerians when I was growing up. We had competitions that encouraged such inventions.

Now, imagine if 20 or more of us, pool N100,000.00 or more together and support a new invention, or a major and wonderful innovation or an already existing invention. Imagine if we gather 10 unemployed youths (e.g. engineers) who have ideas but no support and they come together to create a made in Nigeria car.

U may ask, what can a N100,000.00 do? N100,000.00 will remain N100,000.00, if u don’t put it to work. It’s the belief, passion and idea behind a N100,000.00 that makes it become N100 million.

If u ready to make a difference, if u ready to stop complaining and start doing your own bit to make this Nation great. Then let’s start looking for opportunities, for people with ideas and no money, contact them, get their plans, go through it, trash the un-serious ones, engage the serious ones, and come January 2014, lets come together with at least N100,000.00 each, and lets start controlling the fortunes of this Nation.

We all have what it takes, the only limit we can have is the limit we set for ourselves.

Our parents no try enough, they got complacent with what they had, well, I am “Oliver Twist” I want more than just having a 9 to 5. I want more than just being affected by other people’s decision about the Nation, when I know I can call the president on his private line to advise him on policies and even decide on the decisions to be taken on the Nation. 
We see the president, but we all know he has power brokers behind him, and truth be told, not all such power brokers are corrupt, and some of them are not professional politicians, but smart working business men and women.

Let’s take a position today, most of us are less than 40, so now is the time to work hard, work smart, and strike out a new path to greatness, and all it takes is One idea, and all we need is a sense of self belief that failure is only the stepping stones/ learning curve to greatness, the world will always stand aside for people that know where they are going..

January 2014, minimum of N100,000.00, 10 people or more, and together we can change our Nation, Nigeria, and the world itself.

Please note, this is not for everyone, we all know that, many are called, few are chosen.
If u are afraid to lose a N100,000.00 and gain experience, please walk on by, thank you.
If you are comfortable with where you are, please walk on by, thank you.
If u have doubts, do keep it to yourself and walk on by, thank you.”

Olumide Holloway

Friday, January 6, 2012

KEEP at it.......!!!!!

Keep dreaming,
keep imagining,
keep seeking,
keep giving,
keep trying,
keep praying,
keep knocking,
keep asking,
keep walking,
keep talking,
keep writing,
keep smiling,
keep listening,
keep looking,
keep believing,
keep reading,
keep learning,
keep growing,
keep hearing,
keep understanding,
keep trusting,
keep anticipating,
keep expecting,
keep watching,
keep seeing,
keep looking,
keep doing,
keep flowing,
keep shining,
keep running,
keep jogging,
keep playing,
keep kicking,
keep punching,
keep dancing,
keep singing,
keep shouting,
keep fasting,
keep moving,
keep driving,
keep riding,
keep fighting,
keep rehearsing,
keep producing,
keep loving,
keep caring
and keep keeping on.
Cos soon, everyone will see d glory,
but very few will know d story behind d glory.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This poem is not my idea,
after all Islamic banking was not a certain governor's idea,
neither is a 6years single term agenda for elected rulers the Number one man's idea.

I come with a message of hope for u today,
worry not about fuel subsidy, or unemployment,
and fear not the boko haram or boko malu,
just eat cassava bread, it will solve all your problems.
But if u eat it, and all the problem have not disappeared,
please accuse me not of falsehood,
advertising cassava bread was not my idea,
I got it from the chief chef of the federation.

They say they will spend close to a billion on security,
yet they also say we should be prepared to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity.
People are shouting, and asking why such insensitivity?
But we fail to realize that protecting us was not their idea of security.

Boko Haram was busy bombing churches on Christmas day
and a certain man we are supposed to trust with our lives was dancing away,
and people are accusing him of being insensitive,
well, I don't blame him, after all, him becoming a ruler, was not his idea.

Fuel is now gold,
and owning a car is fast becoming a luxury,
yet they say removal of fuel subsidy is for our benefit,
and that it will lead to development.
But we have heard that story before,
and have come to know that doing things for the citizen's benefit, is never their idea.

There is unemployment and poverty in the land,
good roads are now a mirage,
and its abnormal to have regular electricity,
and to top it all, removal of subsidy increased the already high cost of living.
yet our so called leaders are busy lining their pockets with public funds,
claiming its for our collective good.
Well, I don't blame them,
after all, we voted them there,
and they are showing us that serving us is not their idea of leadership.

We should not continue to look and hope things will change,
we have to initiate the change,
for the elected ones are clueless, greedy, selfish and unwilling to help us,
and it's said, Heaven help those who help themselves.
This is all I have to say,
I will leave the rest for another day,
but please note,
this poem is also not my idea.

by Olulu
2012 and beyond

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diversity and Inclusion (a Spoken Word poem)

Being different is as old as evolution,
for we are all people of varied origin and situation.
But diversity is never a basis for partiality,
for there can be uniformity in diversity.
Thus difference need not lead into confusion
but should guarantee and encourage co-operation.
especially in this world class organization,
that has no discrimination.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

They say what a man can do a woman can do it better.
But I wonder,
if a man has already done it, what is left for the woman to do?
However, it is hard to imagine a workplace without women,
for if men like the computer hardware,
then the women will be the software,
and the fact is, the hardware can’t function without the software.
Cos like the saying goes,
it takes two to make it work, and I can’t, if you won’t.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

Being of different race,
working in the same place,
only sets d pace
to raise the stakes,
and top the game.
In our differences lie our capabilities,
and our varied talents increase our abilities.
Creating healthy competition,
and developing wealthy association.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

Whether we are black and proud
or white and exceptional,
there is no reason to be dysfunctional,
Co-operation brings synergy,
and boosts the organization’s energy.
Ensuring we all stay happy and motivated
and grow old, satisfied and fulfilled.

all we need is one love,
one love that fits our hearts like a glove.

2011 and beyond

Do you remember the time??? (a Spoken Word Poem)

Let me ask u,
do u remember the time?
when the Liberian girl changed our world,
and we wanted to scream,
I love u, Liberian girl.
But just so u know, as per the Liberian girl,
well, the girl is mine.

I can see it in your eyes,
that u wanna be starting something,
so don't stop till u get enough.
U can act all dangerous,
or be a dirty Diana.
But before u start asking, who's bad?
well, u should know, I'm bad.
And I wanna rock with you,
cos u rocked my world and u know u did,
and everything I won, I give,
and it doesn’t really matter if u are black or white.

I want tonite to be a thriller…… a thriller night,
whether there is blood on the dance floor,
or blood on the knife,
it ain’t too much for me to jam,
and just beat it,
and shout,
billie jean is not my lover,
she is just a girl who claims I am the one,
but the kid is not my son,
after all, its human nature.

I wish I can tell u to hold my hand and we sing the earth song together,
I wish I could tell u, u are not alone, I am here with you,
but all I wanna say is that, they don't really care about us.
So I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways,
So we can heal the world,
and make it a better place,
for u and for me and the entire human race.
So tonight,
even if its just for tonight,
we are going Hollywood tonite.

2011 and beyond…….!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do u believe in this nation?

Do u believe in this nation?
Full of Desperate Political ambition
Constantly engaged in Result falsification
and data manipulation
Do u believe in this nation?
Where we the citizens lack protection.
And constantly face police brutality and extortion
Do u believe in this nation?
That has so great a population,
Yet lack positive cooperation.
Got money as a major attraction
And 419 as a recognized profession
Do u believe in this nation?
Always in a state of chaos and confusion,
And tilting towards self destruction.
I believe in this nation
Cos apart from being great in proportion,
We have people with positive perception,
Blessed with wits and good intuition
and always willing to deliver with excellent distinction.
I believe in this nation,
Though we face trials and tribulations,
Constant tribal and religious persecution,
We still striving to reach high dimensions
And making the best of every situations
I believe in this nation
Even though we yet to get the right combination
We still have people with good intentions
Putting in little positive contribution
By using our mental creative invention
I believe in this nation
Though yet to get the right success concoction
We still striving and moving to the right direction
So, do u believe in this nation?
Yes, I believe in this nation.