Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Kind of Lady

I need a lady that will match my actions
With the necessary reaction
To ignite my passion
Without any limitation
Or hesitations
But with plenty of imagination
Taking me to another dimension
And giving me her total cooperation
With enough vibrations
And gyrations
When am giving her the injections
Through my insertions
So as to grant me that satisfaction
That is devoid of lamentations
But that will get me into celebration
With plenty of jubilation
I need a lady with the emotion of affection
And not of infatuation
But with the emotion
That will give me the inspiration
For all occasions
A lady with conversation
To fuel my determination
A lady with the right fusion of perfection
To give me the perfect relaxation from emotional frustrations
A lady with no complication
But with the mental composition
That gets my appreciation
And gives me sweet sensation
In short,
A lady with the right motivation
Wicked intention
And solid reputation
For an all night action

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