Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where will you drop and why?

If you are going to the 10th floor and the lift will only stop on the 11th or 9th floor, where will you drop and why?

There is no one correct answer to this, it only determines one thing, Attitude!!!

The best football club match I have watched was the final of the champions league 2004/2005, AC Milan versus Liverpool.
It was not the best match cos Liverpool won, even though they did.
It was not the best match cos Liverpool equalized from 3 goals down, even though they did.
It was  the best match, cos I learnt a life lesson in that match, which is why I will always like and respect Steven Gerard.
In the space of 90 minutes he played in the midfield (4, I think).
Then he played support striker (8), and then defense/right back (2).
All in one match.
Which I sum up to be Attitude, the willingness to take responsibility, and do whatever it takes.

As a dream carrier, you must be a utility player.
Not because you want to, but because you have to.
You must be ready to fit into a square or round hole at any time.
You must be ready to get your hands dirty and not expect to sit down and dish out orders.
You must lead by example so that those watching you have no excuse not to do likewise.
When the job or work is the hardest, you must be first in line.
If you only want to do the easy part, well, that makes you the same with everyone.
And when you are the same with everyone, you are no better than them.
Besides, if you are able to plug into square or round holes at any time, then emergency won’t scare you.
Truth is, you don’t have to be the best in any or all the roles you fill in for,  cos its probably a temporary situation,
but you must be willing to do it if and when the need arises.
If you won’t, who will?
Attitude is key.

So, would you rather walk down the stairs from 11th floor to 10th floor,
Or walk up the stairs from 9th floor to 10th floor?
Would you rather do that which is easy first
Or that which is hard?

Success is an attitude, it is in those small insignificant things we do.
Success is an habit, it is the unconscious repetition of those small things we do daily.
Success is time, it is locked inside the seconds and the minutes, cos they make up the hours and the days.

The Good Book says, “he who is faithful with little will also be faithful with more. “
But he who is unfaithful with little, ………………………………when he wan learn to be faithful????

So, I ask, are you a learner???

Olumide Holloway

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