Sunday, November 1, 2009

Naija got swagger

My name na Olulu
And I no be zulu
Am a true omo naija
That does not smoke ganja.
I no dey try play people for maga,
Yet I still got lot of swagger.
What’s there to be proud of in this nation?
After all we seems to be sinking into a state of depression
Things keep getting complicated,
And important people are the ones being implicated,
Maybe we should all do Andrew and check out,
Or beg Osama bin laden to knock us all out.
Well, We might not be making proper use of the oil money,
Since so very few are the ones enjoying the honey.
But then we have learnt to use our brains,
And things are not all going down the drain,
We now getting known for music and comedy,
Which is serving as our remedy.
Everyday new talents keeping popping up,
And our rep goes a notch up.
We don dey ginger our swagger,
And soon we go become the master.
Even though I no fit use naija do wife,
But I be naija4life.

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