Friday, January 9, 2009


I saw a girl in ekpoma,
Seated in a dark corner,
Chewing a nut called kola,
And sipping a bottle of coca cola.
As a true player,
An highly skilled woman hunter,
And a very successful toaster.
I stepped up to the sister,
In order to make her my lover.
Naturally am not a liar,
But I be sweet talker,
So I told the sister
My name na Michael Power
And that I be obasanjo’s uncle’s aunt’s step brother.
Sharp, sharp she draws me closer,
Telling me her name na Tina,
But that I can also call her Edna,
That she needs a black brother
That has the power
To make her feel better.
Since the weather was getting colder
So I took her to my quarters
So we could get a little bit warmer
I used my finger to check the sister’s under
But I discover
That my ten fingers
Enter the sister for under
Anyway I brought out my hammer
And ram enter the sister for under
I first started to go tender
Then I went faster
Na so she say brother you can do better
I then started to hammer harder
Na so she shout brother you are greater
And as I go deeper
Na so she scream brother
You are the real lover
That has the power
To take me to the ninth wonder.
Anyway, nine months later,
I was a father,
Cos I didn’t use the rubber.

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