Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This poem is not my idea,
after all Islamic banking was not a certain governor's idea,
neither is a 6years single term agenda for elected rulers the Number one man's idea.

I come with a message of hope for u today,
worry not about fuel subsidy, or unemployment,
and fear not the boko haram or boko malu,
just eat cassava bread, it will solve all your problems.
But if u eat it, and all the problem have not disappeared,
please accuse me not of falsehood,
advertising cassava bread was not my idea,
I got it from the chief chef of the federation.

They say they will spend close to a billion on security,
yet they also say we should be prepared to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity.
People are shouting, and asking why such insensitivity?
But we fail to realize that protecting us was not their idea of security.

Boko Haram was busy bombing churches on Christmas day
and a certain man we are supposed to trust with our lives was dancing away,
and people are accusing him of being insensitive,
well, I don't blame him, after all, him becoming a ruler, was not his idea.

Fuel is now gold,
and owning a car is fast becoming a luxury,
yet they say removal of fuel subsidy is for our benefit,
and that it will lead to development.
But we have heard that story before,
and have come to know that doing things for the citizen's benefit, is never their idea.

There is unemployment and poverty in the land,
good roads are now a mirage,
and its abnormal to have regular electricity,
and to top it all, removal of subsidy increased the already high cost of living.
yet our so called leaders are busy lining their pockets with public funds,
claiming its for our collective good.
Well, I don't blame them,
after all, we voted them there,
and they are showing us that serving us is not their idea of leadership.

We should not continue to look and hope things will change,
we have to initiate the change,
for the elected ones are clueless, greedy, selfish and unwilling to help us,
and it's said, Heaven help those who help themselves.
This is all I have to say,
I will leave the rest for another day,
but please note,
this poem is also not my idea.

by Olulu
2012 and beyond

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