Friday, March 6, 2009

Naija National Anthem - Da Remix


Life is like jumping into the river for the first time in your life and learning how to swim at the same time with the river’s strong currents and waves tossing you here and there, and you can’t seem to keep your head above water.

Life is like driving a car for the first time in your life, not knowing how and when to change gear, when to accelerate, when to slow down, when to make a u-turn and not even knowing when to brake.

Life is like getting into the boxing ring for the first time in your life, against a bigger opponent (or worse still, opponents), and fighting for as long as you can last.

Life is like a river………………
Are you struggling against river’s current or you are helplessly been tossed here and there by the currents, barely managing to stay afloat aiming for the shore, worse still you are drowning.
Hey...Christ is the life guard, call on Him, and He will answer you, and save you from the strong currents of life’s river and its many river falls.

Life is like driving……..
Are you out of control, or just speeding down life’s expressway not sure whether you are on the right lane or not. Maybe worse still, you don’t even know how to start the car.
Hey... call on God, He is the chief instructor, he will instruct you how to start this life’s car, how to maneuver round life’s expressway, potholes and pits, when to change gear, when to accelerate, when to slow down, and even when to brake.

Life is like the boxing ring…………….
Are you battered and bruised, or just dancing round the ring waiting and hoping the bell will ring thus ending the fight, or you feel you can go the distance all alone because you feel your raw power and determination will see you through. Maybe worse still, you are down and out, knocked out cold, hearing the referee count but can’t seems to muster the courage and strength to stand up.
Hey… call on Jesus, He is the chief coach, He will help you out. He will teach you how to box, how to weave, when to dodge, when to block, when to hit out and when to run. And if you are down and out, He will grant you the courage and strength to get up and fight. And you don’t have to depend on your raw power and determination alone, for he will be there to help you, encourage you, and strengthen you. But first you have to have faith in Him.

No matter your situation, be it in life’s river, life’s highway, or life’s boxing ring, wherever you may be and no matter how bad your case seems. Hey… “He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world”.
Just call on Christ Jesus, and believe in Him, hope in Him, depend on Him, and surely, all will be well with you. Amen

Broken Hearted

I had used to think love wasn’t real,
But you proved me wrong,
I had thought I could never fall in love,
But I fell in love with you.
I thought you loved me,
But you left me and broke my heart.
Cos when I fell in love,
I thought it was forever,
But I was wrong;
It was just a passing fantasy which left me with a broken heart.

My Passion

Writing for me is a passion
I do it with no lamentation.
Am no common writer,
Neither am I a pretender.
I have got class,
And am here to last
If you give me the chance,
I would kiss words and make them dance.
Though I might not always write right,
Or even write tight,
But don’t be in fright,
Or take to flight.
Just use your foresight,
And picture me in the spotlight.

Writing is like kissing,
You have to close your eyes to enjoy the feeling,
Else you would miss the sweet sensation,
That comes with the emotion.
Writing is a talent,
From which you shouldn’t relent.
You should use it to express your mind,
You never know when it will become a goldmine.
Don’t force it,
Just try to feel it,
Then let it flow,
And soon your trumpet will blow.
Though for now I write for free,
But soon I will charge a fee.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


If we could have all what we wanted?
We would not appreciate what we have already.
If we could love just one person,
We would fail to appreciate the true meaning of love.
If we are satisfied with what we have,
We would never achieve our dreams.
If we try to always be in control,
We would most times end up playing the fool.

If we fail to dream,
We fail to get fun out of life.
If we fail to feel,
We fail to be human.
If we fail to love,
We fail to be loved back in return.
If we fail to be human,
We might as well be a living dead.

My Kind of Lady

I need a lady that will match my actions
With the necessary reaction
To ignite my passion
Without any limitation
Or hesitations
But with plenty of imagination
Taking me to another dimension
And giving me her total cooperation
With enough vibrations
And gyrations
When am giving her the injections
Through my insertions
So as to grant me that satisfaction
That is devoid of lamentations
But that will get me into celebration
With plenty of jubilation
I need a lady with the emotion of affection
And not of infatuation
But with the emotion
That will give me the inspiration
For all occasions
A lady with conversation
To fuel my determination
A lady with the right fusion of perfection
To give me the perfect relaxation from emotional frustrations
A lady with no complication
But with the mental composition
That gets my appreciation
And gives me sweet sensation
In short,
A lady with the right motivation
Wicked intention
And solid reputation
For an all night action