Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Make Them

We make them everyday,
some without thinking,
some with our full concentration.
Everyday we make a minimum of ten,
maximum of inifinity.
From tiny, everyday stuff,
to the big, once off stuff.
At times we tend to put off the most important ones
while we face the ones that should be put off.
The way and manner we make them
dictates how they affect our lives.
We can't but make them,
and make them we must.
Think it through if we must
but never, ever fail to make them.
What do we make , you ask?
Well, decisions of course.
From waking up,
to standing up,
from eating,
to reading,
from friendship,
to relationship,
from job,
to accommodation,
from sex,
to marriage,
we must all make the decisions.
So think,
and make them,
before they make u.

Being Positive

The world is tough,
The paths therein are rough
Everyday, everywhere people struggle and strive,
All done in order to survive
Needs and wants are unlimited,
But the means to getting them are limited.
Some people sat the world is like a rat race,
While most will tell you that it’s a hard place.
Success and money don’t come easy,
So also the luxuries to make life cosy.
All this makes me wonder how to acquire,
All the things I desire.
Thus I go to God in prayer,
For Him to send a helper.
For I might not have much to offer,
But then I didn’t come into this world to suffer.
I just have to endure
And very soon I will enjoy.
For I believe I will get to the top,
And that surely I would not be a flop.
All I just need is to ask,
And God will help me in all my tasks.
For my God is a God blessing,
That is full of mercy.
I even believe that all that concerns me has been perfected,
All that is needed is for it to be manifested.
Thus I pray to God to grant me patience,
But he should hurry,
So I wouldn’t get worried.
Now all I need do is to say thank u God!
What else? You may ask.
Nothing, just keep thanking God.

Trust and Respect

Trust and respect;
2 things that once lost
They are hard to get again.

Trust and respect;
2 things you must earn
You don’t demand it,
and you can’t buy it.

Trust and respect;
2 things that makes a relationship safe,
Lose them,
you might as well end the relationship.

Express Yourself

Its always good to have a medium of expression,
allowing u to make an impression.

You don't need to try so hard,
because we are all one of a kind.

Just keep it short and simple,
causing a ripple.

Keep them wanting more,
cos too much will make them sore.

You never know who is reading it,
and might probably be needing it.

It's a talent that is a joy to express,
keeps me from life's duress.

For me i can do it for free,
but i don't mind being paid a fee.

Intellectual or Sexual

My senses u tease,
Your body i wish to please,

I can't resist the temptation,
Cos u have got running wild my imaginations.

U keep things like an invitation to treat,
but u are like a juicy fruit that i love to sink my teeth,

I love it when a lady like u do the inviting,
makes the offer enticing,

But how can we get intimate?
without physically gettin into it?

i love your body to explore,
taking things nice and slow on the floor.
You on top,
or me doing all the work,
just as much as there is no flop.

But what if we keep things strictly intellectual?
and we don't get sexual?

Ok, then lead me not into temptation,
for i know temptation's destination.

But then,
how can i pass up on a lady that has a lot to offer?
when your world if i might still conquer.

Thus, bring it on me lady,
i will try to keep things tidy.

when temperatures starts rising,
and we can't sort out our feelings.

Blame me not,
if i eventually get u twisted in a nut.

For when we get in too deep,
i might just let it rip.


I believe in love,
because it's not against the law.
For as we get old,
things tend to get cold,
so we shouldn't put our feelings on hold,
just let it flow.
Loving is easy,
makes your head kind of like fuzzy.
But depends on your intentions,
for u to make the right connection.
Just do try too hard,
and true love u will find.


My name is Olulu,
and i ain't from the tribe of the Zulus.
I love being naughty,
but i ain't haughty.
Am quite handy,
without necessarily being randy.
But lead me not to temptation,
because i know temptation's destination.
I can be your friend forever like "CHOKI",
just don't treat me like a donkey.
Glad to meet people of like minds,
keeps me free from life's land mines.
Who am i?
Well, am da black brother,
that is has the power,
to take u to the 9th wonder.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poet? Writer? Well, whatever,. . . . .I just love writing

I wanted to be rich and famous,
With a name that is not anonymous,
To enjoy the best things in life,
Married to a beautiful wife.
Driving the best wonders on wheels,
and guaranteed of my daily meals.
So i looked up the list of professions,
But my mind was caught up in confusion,
Asking people for recommendation,
only help increased my heart's commotion.
i decided to think things through on my own,
so that the decision would be my own.
I thought long and hard on what to do,
But none of the professions I saw was cool.
My mind yearned for something as natural as nature,
That would relate to any culture.
I tried my hand at singing,
But of notes and lyrics I had no inkling
I tried to draw,
But it seems I had hands made of claws.
I tried to be a politician,
But it was not honest enough as the profession of a technician.
I tried my hand at boxing,
But I ended up with so much beating.
I tried dancing,
But I felt like a chicken flapping
I tried to be a teacher,
But got rejected by my own daughter.
I tried my hand at cooking,
but i seems to always cook what i was burning
Then I tried writing,
And I enjoyed it like kissing.
So I weighed my options,
With a view of solving my heart’s commotion.
I gave serious thought to be becoming a poet,
It made me feel like a flirt.
Could I really become famous by writing poems?
Is that not like getting high on petrol fumes?
What could I write about?
I asked people around.
I wrote about money,
But my lines were simply corny.
I wrote about love,
But I was still on love’s learning curve
I wrote about how to eat honey,
Well, at least my lines were pretty funny.
So I decided to just flow naturally,
Not letting my lines be done too carefully,
I stayed to enjoy myself,
This I must confess.
Thus writing became my passion,
though not yet my profession