Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Make Them

We make them everyday,
some without thinking,
some with our full concentration.
Everyday we make a minimum of ten,
maximum of inifinity.
From tiny, everyday stuff,
to the big, once off stuff.
At times we tend to put off the most important ones
while we face the ones that should be put off.
The way and manner we make them
dictates how they affect our lives.
We can't but make them,
and make them we must.
Think it through if we must
but never, ever fail to make them.
What do we make , you ask?
Well, decisions of course.
From waking up,
to standing up,
from eating,
to reading,
from friendship,
to relationship,
from job,
to accommodation,
from sex,
to marriage,
we must all make the decisions.
So think,
and make them,
before they make u.

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