Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being Positive

The world is tough,
The paths therein are rough
Everyday, everywhere people struggle and strive,
All done in order to survive
Needs and wants are unlimited,
But the means to getting them are limited.
Some people sat the world is like a rat race,
While most will tell you that it’s a hard place.
Success and money don’t come easy,
So also the luxuries to make life cosy.
All this makes me wonder how to acquire,
All the things I desire.
Thus I go to God in prayer,
For Him to send a helper.
For I might not have much to offer,
But then I didn’t come into this world to suffer.
I just have to endure
And very soon I will enjoy.
For I believe I will get to the top,
And that surely I would not be a flop.
All I just need is to ask,
And God will help me in all my tasks.
For my God is a God blessing,
That is full of mercy.
I even believe that all that concerns me has been perfected,
All that is needed is for it to be manifested.
Thus I pray to God to grant me patience,
But he should hurry,
So I wouldn’t get worried.
Now all I need do is to say thank u God!
What else? You may ask.
Nothing, just keep thanking God.

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