Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Intellectual or Sexual

My senses u tease,
Your body i wish to please,

I can't resist the temptation,
Cos u have got running wild my imaginations.

U keep things like an invitation to treat,
but u are like a juicy fruit that i love to sink my teeth,

I love it when a lady like u do the inviting,
makes the offer enticing,

But how can we get intimate?
without physically gettin into it?

i love your body to explore,
taking things nice and slow on the floor.
You on top,
or me doing all the work,
just as much as there is no flop.

But what if we keep things strictly intellectual?
and we don't get sexual?

Ok, then lead me not into temptation,
for i know temptation's destination.

But then,
how can i pass up on a lady that has a lot to offer?
when your world if i might still conquer.

Thus, bring it on me lady,
i will try to keep things tidy.

when temperatures starts rising,
and we can't sort out our feelings.

Blame me not,
if i eventually get u twisted in a nut.

For when we get in too deep,
i might just let it rip.

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