Friday, March 6, 2009

My Passion

Writing for me is a passion
I do it with no lamentation.
Am no common writer,
Neither am I a pretender.
I have got class,
And am here to last
If you give me the chance,
I would kiss words and make them dance.
Though I might not always write right,
Or even write tight,
But don’t be in fright,
Or take to flight.
Just use your foresight,
And picture me in the spotlight.

Writing is like kissing,
You have to close your eyes to enjoy the feeling,
Else you would miss the sweet sensation,
That comes with the emotion.
Writing is a talent,
From which you shouldn’t relent.
You should use it to express your mind,
You never know when it will become a goldmine.
Don’t force it,
Just try to feel it,
Then let it flow,
And soon your trumpet will blow.
Though for now I write for free,
But soon I will charge a fee.

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