Sunday, June 21, 2009

Free Styling part 1

My name no be ikechukwu,

But am the son of a man, son of a God, son of a King.
I no b the koko master,
But I can tell u the koko.
That is if u no ask why me,
Else u must make d booty call

Na just one “P” I get , I no get P square,
And u know my P
so if u are ifunnaya, 
that u can do me,
And even wind am well,
Then I can b loving u everyday,
Thereby making u my tattoo girl.
Cos what I feel for u is true love.

I ain’t 2 short,
Neither do I have tu-face
Am a man with a black face,
But no look at my faze alone,
Cos it’s a hard life wey we dey live for naija,
So I turn to rugged man,
Every body come dey hail me as ruggedy baba,
thugh I no 9ice,
but everywhere I dey gongo aso.

All we need is one love,
Cos 4 instance,
If one sweet babe dey give me malaria,
Making me heart go kpo kpo di kpo kpo,
And my body dey go jigi jigi pam pam,
I go just dey kolomental.

With my little money
I still dey sip easy,
cos I have got plenty of styl-plus,
even though I ain’t six foot plus,
but imagine that,
everybody dey call me timaya,
I go just dey tell them say dem mama

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